This page is intended as a traveler's guide to Bucharest. We will try to cover in writing, photos and videos ,   bits and pieces from the city's history, culture and/or  hot spots.  We love Bucharest and we know that  for a tourist  it could  be  either a curse or a blessing. Hopefully -  with our help too - , you will find your trip here as a wonderful one.  We also hope to to present the city from an interesting and less discovered perspective: the local folks.

      We will do our best to inform you about everything exciting happening in the capital town of Romania. From adventure activities, walking city tours, off-the-beaten-path experiences, educational tours, family-friendly activities, events, day trips, you name it, and we probably will already have mentioned it here or on our social media pages.

      Find out about top attractions, hot spots and events and get our recommendations on what to do, what to see & when to see it!  Discover and Enjoy Bucharest!​

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