An alternative travel guide

An alternative travel guide with plenty of things to do in Bucharest, Romania!

Say  you plan a trip to the capital city of Romania, what kind of travel guide would you want in your pocket?  Would you like to discover hidden Bucharest attractions and find unusual things to do in Bucharest? Or would you rather stick to the beaten path?

If you are anything like me, then you might fancy a little bit of both.

And since  you’re reading this , it could mean one of two things:

It’s good news in both cases, cause it means that you are in the right place!

Why is ” Things to do in Bucharest ” different from anything else out there?

This site is a project I started a while ago, as an alternative travel guide meant to help friends from abroad (traveling to Bucharest), make the most of their time here.  Soon enough though, the project grew, and i was joined by several friends  (especially photographer friends) and we all put together a unique presentation of the city.

It might be  a bit eclectic, but then again Bucharest is like that. This guide covers bits and pieces from the city’s history and culture, whilst also pointing the reader- in this case  you-  towards the hot spots, the places worth visiting, the do’s and don’ts around here. Of course , it is not just meant for travelers. It could also prove essential  to people temporarily  living here or about to move  in. It could even  prove usefully to someone just looking to expand their knowledge with facts about Bucharest.

We love Bucharest and we know that  for a tourist  it could  be  either a curse or a blessing. Hopefully –  with our help –  you will find your trip or stay  here nothing less than exceptional.

We’ll do our best to inform you about everything exciting happening in the capital town of Romania. From adventure activities, walking city tours, off-the-beaten-path experiences, educational tours, family-friendly activities, events, day trips, you name it, and we probably will already have mentioned it here or on our social media pages.

That is why we recommend you the best things to do in Bucharest in winter time, and fun activities in Spring.  Alternatively, we try to point out the best time to visit Bucharest. We even tell you about our food, and our wines.

So browse on, and find out about top attractions, hot spots,  events and get our recommendations on what to do, what to see & when to see it!

Explore, discover and enjoy Bucharest!​