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Get ready to experience the electrifying nightlife of Bucharest, Eastern Europe’s ultimate party destination! From pulsating clubs to vibrant social scenes, this Romanian city will leave you craving for more. Whether you’re seeking a stress-busting night out or a thrilling adventure with friends, Bucharest nightlife has everything you need to dance the night away. Let’s uncover all the incredible details together!

What are the best bars in Bucharest?

If you are in Bucharest, you can’t miss exploring the city’s bars and clubs. They are some of the best in the whole of Europe and offer all kinds of entertainment. There are bars that cater for everything from those seeking quiet drinks to people who want to experience the best in Romanian hospitality. You can sip some of the most delicious cocktails at the city’s best bars or hit a live music bar. Craft beer bars are also popular. Here are some of the best bars in Bucharest, sorted by their popularity amonst locals:

  • Kaufland PopUp Restaurant & Lounge, Strada George Constantinescu 2-4, Pipera, București
  • Naive , Bulevardul Ion C. Bratianu 36, Unirii, București
  • Nomad Skybar, Strada Smârdan 30, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Bound, Strada Smârdan 30, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Hangar by Ground Zero, Șoseaua Pipera 44, Aviației, București
  • Terasa Florilor, Strada Ion Maiorescu 42, Obor, București
  • Pe Baricade, Strada Radu Vodă 23A, Unirii, București
  • Beer & Grill 35, Strada Smârdan 35, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Bodega La Mahala, Strada Covaci 6-8, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Cetatea Berarilor, Bulevardul Camil Ressu 41, Titan, București
  • RIBS Bar&Grill, Strada Constantin Brancusi 13, Titan, București
  • Fire, Strada Covaci 7, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Wine Mood, Splaiul Unirii 49, Timpuri Noi, București
  • Old City, Strada Selari 16, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Silence Pub, Strada Căderea Bastiliei 36, Piața Romană, București
  • Taverna La Jar, Soseaua Colentina 262, Colentina, București
  • Zăganu Bistro & Craft Beer Bar, Calea Victoriei 91-93, Piața Romană, București
  • Robescu 14, Strada Robescu F. Constantin 14, Unirii, București
  • J’ai Bistrot, Calea Griviței 55, Victoriei, București
  • Corner Pub & Grill, Strada Fildesului 1, Dristor, București
  • Boogie, Strada Popa Petre 36, Foișorul de Foc, București
  • Trei Betivi, Vasile Lascăr 66, Armenească, București
  • Manasia Hub, Stelea Spătarul 13, Unirii, București
  • Gspot Restobar, Zborului 2, Unirii, București
  • BEAT bar umanist, Strada Vasile Lascar 29, Universitate, București
  • Panik, Strada Mihai Eminescu 33, Piața Romană, București
  • Tiki Taka, Drumul Valea Doftanei 39, București
  • L’Arpège Bar, Piata Montreal 10, Piața Presei Libere, București
  • Nativ Bar Romanesc, Calea Victoriei 114, Victoriei, București
  • Nexus Club & Bar, Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu 45, 13 Septembrie, București
  • Encore, Nicolae Tonitza 13, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Underworld, Strada Colței 48, Universitate, București
  • Revenge, Gabroveni 16, Centrul Vechi, București
  • No. 35, Bulevardul Eroii Sanitari 35, Cotroceni, București
  • Private Hell Rock Club, Strada Soarelui 5, Centrul Vechi, București
  • El Dictador, Strada Lipscani 43, Centrul Vechi, București
  • Grivita Pub & Grill, Calea Grivitei 130, Grivița, București
  • The Roof Vitan, Calea Vitan 23D, Vitan, București
  • Sensio Living, Calea Floreasca 212, Floreasca, București
  • Jos Pălăria, Strada Toma Caragiu 3, Centrul Vechi, București

Bar in Bucharest with the best cocktails

If you’re a cocktail lover, your visit to Bucharest isn’t complete without trying out the amazing cocktails served in some of the city’s bars. For me the bar with the best cocktails is the fabulous Nomad Skybar. Located at the edge of the Old Town, this bar is known for its stunning views and amazing, innovative cocktails that will leave you wanting more.

Imagine sipping cocktails while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views at Aria TNB – an oasis nestled in the heart of Bucharest. With its beautiful terrace offering stunning vistas, this is where you’ll witness sunsets that will leave you speechless. It’s time to raise a glass and toast unforgettable moments!

For those seeking a touch of tranquility combined with urban charm, Biutiful by the Lake offers both solace and adventure along the shores of Herăstrău Lake. This lakeside paradise invites you to unwind amidst nature’s beauty or indulge in thrilling water activities – it’s entirely up to you!

When looking for something more sky-high, Linea / Closer To The Moon takes pride in being closer than ever before. As one might expect from a jaw-dropping sky bar overlooking Old Town Center (Centrul Vechi), every moment spent here feels like soaring above ordinary life towards infinite glamour. If elegance is what speaks volumes about who YOU truly are inside, Colonial Lounge provides sophisticated vibes right next to Dâmbovița River; perfect setting even if just after sunset stroll accompanied by soul-soothing melodies floating gently over rippling waters entangled between dazzling city lights reflecting off centuries-old facades. Ready for exclusivity?

Freddo Bar & Lounge welcomes only discerning guests longing unique social experiences within Historic Center embracing them gracefully as golden light reflects upon cobblestones beneath their feet creating everlasting memories etched deeply within hearts forevermore…

But don’t think for a second that adventure stops there! Club Bound, renowned for its unforgettable parties and live music performances, invites you to dance the night away alongside fellow thrill-seekers. Let loose on an electrifying dance floor in this vibrant hotspot fueled by energy and good vibes.

To add a touch of oriental magic into your stay: Ganesha Caffe serves up famous cocktails from around the world amidst enchanting decor inspired by Eastern culture. Immerse yourself in this exotic escape as you sip flavorful concoctions surrounded by intricate details transporting you far beyond Bucharest’s city limits.

Live music bars in Bucharest

Bucharest is full of bars that offer live music, which is enjoyed by the locals as well as tourists. You can listen to great music and enjoy a drink or meal at one of these bars, amongst which, one of the most popular is the Mojo Club. It has an intimate setting, also offering amazing cocktails, in case you’d like to pamper your taste buds! Other options: Control Club, Fire club, True club and of course, Hard Rock Cafe and Beraria H.

Where can I find live music events in Bucharest?

Bucharest is a hub for live music, from contemporary to traditional Romanian music. Whether you’re in the mood for jazz, rock, or folk music, there’s something for everyone. Top venues for live music include Palatul Noblesse, Green Hours or Hard Rock Café where you can catch some of the best shows in town.

Great places to enjoy an evening of live music in Bucharest

Jazz lovers can’t miss the Jazz Café in the city’s Old Town. If you’re looking for world-class live music, you can’t go wrong with Hard Rock Café or Fratelli Art & Music’s cocktail bar.

The best DJs and electronic music events in Bucharest

Bucharest has an impressive range of electronic music events, both underground and mainstream. Club Guesthouse, Club Eden or Control Club are some of the best places to enjoy electronic music.

Craft beer bars in Bucharest

If you’re a fan of beer, Bucharest offers some great craft beer bars along the well know beer halls and restaurants. For instance, the Beraria H or the Caru’ cu Bere will give you a chance to experience a selection of craft brews . But ,for beer enthusiast, the flourishing craft beer scene in Bucharest is wider than that. Here’s our roundup of the must-visit bars, each offering a unique experience and an impressive selection of brews.

  • Zăganu Bistro and Romanian Craft Beer – also known as Fabrica de Bere Bună (The Good Beer Factory): Located at Calea Victoriei 91-93, this bar is a haven for Romanian craft beer lovers, featuring 20 taps and over 100 bottled options. Known for its lively atmosphere and delicious pub fare.
  • La 100 de Beri: With an address at Strada Lipscani 34-36, La 100 de Beri boasts over 300 beers from around the globe, focusing on Romanian crafts. It’s known for its spacious terrace and live music on weekends. [Website URL Removed]
  • Bere și Bere Pub: Situated at Strada Pictor Arthur Verona 1, this cozy pub offers a rotating selection of 25 beers on tap, mainly from Romanian microbreweries, in a welcoming atmosphere. Facebook Page
  • Beer O’Clock: Found at Strada Gabroveni 4, Beer O’Clock serves a variety of Romanian and international craft beers on 20 taps, complemented by tasty burgers and pizzas. Website
  • Ground Zero Taproom: Located on Strada Ion Brezoianu 26, this taproom is run by two brothers passionate about craft beer, offering small batches of experimental brews, guest taps, and an industrial-chic vibe with live music events. [TripAdvisor Page]

What are the best clubs in Bucharest?

Bucharest has been known for its clubbing scene for years now. The perfect spot for party lovers, there are countless places to go and the party starts after 10.00 and usually goes on until sunrise. From top nightclubs and electronic music clubs to the heart of Bucharest nightlife, here are some of the best clubs to visit:

  • Player Club – Popular club with dance floors, though reviews say music caters more to locals than tourists.
  • Bamboo Club Bucharest – Highly rated for its music, atmosphere, staff and being the top club in Bucharest.
  • Hangover Club – Great central location and lively atmosphere with friendly people.
  • Face Club Bucharest – Good vibe with space for dancing between tables. Nice facilities.
  • The Date – Organizes great events and parties, especially for New Year’s Eve. Good music and staff.
  • Princess Club – Lively party atmosphere that goes late into the night. Good drinks.
  • BOA – Beat Of Angels Bucharest – Highly rated for its spectacular shows, music, drinks and prices.
  • Club Mono – Diverse music selections from oldies to hip hop to rave.
  • One Club – Called the best club in Bucharest with space to drink and dance. Popular with locals.

Top nightclubs in Bucharest

When it comes to experiencing Bucharest’s nightlife, there’s simply no better way to do it than by visiting the city’s top nightclubs like Fratelli, Bambooclub, or Expirat. The music is great and the vibe is electric, ensuring you the perfect night-out experience in Bucharest.

  • El Dictador Bucharest – Good nightclub located in the city center.
  • The Vintage Pub Bucuresti – Popular bar in the old town for an amazing night out.
  • Fabrica Bucharest – Nightclub with a spacious pub and music venue located near Union Square.
  • OXYA Club Bucharest – Luxurious disco club known for entertainment, performances and dining.
  • KAYO Club Bucharest – Exclusive boutique nightclub offering a unique clubbing experience.
  • Face Club Bucharest – Large luxurious nightclub known as one of the best in Romania.
  • True Club Bucharest – Vibrant club with live music, karaoke and other events.
  • Beluga Bucharest – Nightclub, bar and concert venue known for parties and events.
  • BOA-Beat of Angels Bucharest – Luxurious nightclub experience with international clientele.
  • Eden Club Bucharest – Hip nightclub with post-industrial vibe and eclectic music.
  • Control Club Bucharest – Trendy nightclub with spaces for live music and DJs.
  • Kristal Club Bucharest – Top-rated nightclub hosting renowned local and international DJs.

The best electronic music clubs in Bucharest

For those of you who like electronic music, Bucharest has some of the best nightclubs in Europe. Eden Club, Kristal Club, and Control Club are some of the most famous ones that offer a fabulous environment and a delightful musical experience for the electronic music aficionados.

Bucharest by night – the heart of Bucharest nightlife

The heart of Bucharest’s nightlife is the city’s Old City Centre. It is home to a variety of clubs and bars that are perfect for partying all night long. Great DJs and electronic music events make the experience unforgettable. Famous clubs like Gaia or Control attract party lovers from all over the city and beyond.

What should I know before going out in Bucharest?

If you’re planning to experience Bucharest’s nightlife, here are some tips to make the most of your visit:

Practical Tips for partying in Bucharest

Bucharest’s nightlife scene is very diverse, and you don’t need an invitation to enter most clubs. However, it’s best to always book in advance in order to avoid last-minute disappointments.

The entrance fee for clubs in Bucharest

While some clubs may charge an entrance fee, it’s typically quite affordable (usually less than 10 Euros), unless there’s a performance by a popular Romanian or foreign artist. And don’t forget to exchange your cash for Romanian currency known as LEI or RON.

How to dress for a night out in Bucharest?

When going for a night-out in Bucharest, it’s recommended to dress in business casual attire. Some of the fancier nightclubs may require an even higher dress code, so it’s always good to check in advance.

What is the nightlife like in Romania?

When it comes to nightlife in Romania, it’s an entirely different scene than what you will find in Bucharest. The country’s pubs are very popular places, where you can enjoy the exceptional Romanian hospitality and the finest Romanian beers. The Old Town of Bucharest is a great place to start experiencing the country’s nightlife. It is home to many great bars, pubs and nightlife venues. You can get to know not just locals but also tourists who come to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Bucharest’s Old Town – Selari Street

Experience the Romanian pub culture

The Romanians love beer. So much so, that guys will rather refer to a night out in the city as “out for a beer, with friends”. If you want to experience the country’s pub culture, head onto the nearest pub and sample some of the best Romanian beers. Places like Caru’ cu Bere and Café Van Gogh are some of the best places to enjoy delicious local beer. Bucharest’s pub culture caters to those with an insatiable thirst for exploration, who crave alternative experiences that break free from the norm. If you’re a trendsetter searching for hidden gems and untapped potential, then this is undoubtedly your playground!

Nightlife in the Old town of Bucharest

If you want the ultimate nightlife experience in Romania, start in the Old Town of Bucharest. The streets of Bucharest old town are packed with bars, clubs, and restaurants – there’s always something for everyone. Enjoy a refreshing drink, or a delicious traditional meal while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the old city.

Get to know the locals and tourists in Bucharest

The nightlife scene in Bucharest is truly a melting pot of locals and tourists out to have fun. So, simply dress up, make some friends and join in. Who knows, you may have some experiences to tell!

What are the best bars and pubs in Bucharest?

For travelers looking to experience the best bars and pubs in Bucharest, here are some great options:

The best bars and pubs in Calea Victoriei

The bars and pubs in Calea Victoriei are some of the best in Bucharest. Brace yourself for an unforgettable time as you step into Tano by Vinexpert, J’ai Bistro, or Nativ Bar Romanesc. These hotspots are overflowing with incredible vibes that’ll keep your spirits high all night long. Get ready to drink, dance, and make memories like never before!

Top terrace bars in Bucharest

Bucharest is famous for its terrace bars, which offer an opportunity to enjoy drinks and food in a relaxed atmosphere. Pura Vida Sky Bar, Linea/Closer to the Moon or Aria TNB are some of the best rooftop terraces in the city. The list is expanded with more option in this article -Skyline Views And Cocktails – Date Night At Bucharest’s Rooftop Bars

Bars and pubs in Bucharest that are perfect for a Friday or Saturday night out

For those looking for a fantastic Friday or Saturday night out, Bucharest’s bars and pubs have everything you need to have a good time.

The Artist: This stylish bar in the heart of the city offers a wide selection of classic and signature cocktails, along with live jazz music on weekends.

Places like Beer O’Clock, Energiea and the Union Jack Pub provide the perfect atmosphere for travelers and locals alike.

If there’s a soccer match,the sports bar will most likely display it on screens, and crowds will cheer their favorite team. Here are a few options that are known for their lively atmosphere and dedicated sports fan crowds:

Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant:

  • Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90
  • Website:
  • Details: This sports bar inside the Marriott Hotel boasts 27-inch TV plasma screens, a dedicated sports menu, and a lively atmosphere during games. Fans can expect energetic cheers and a passionate crowd.

Halftime Pub:

  • Address: Strada Gabroveni 14
  • Website:
  • Details: This Irish pub offers a mix of Irish and Romanian sports coverage, including major soccer matches. They have multiple screens, a relaxed yet energetic atmosphere, and fans often wear their team jerseys.

Extra Time Pub:

  • Address: Strada Lipscani 82
  • Website:
  • Details: This pub, located in the heart of the Old Town, frequently shows major soccer matches on their TVs. They have a spacious terrace, a relaxed atmosphere, and often attract a diverse crowd of fans.

Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant:

  • Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90
  • Website:
  • Details: This sports bar inside the Marriott Hotel boasts 27-inch TV plasma screens, a dedicated sports menu, and a lively atmosphere during games. Fans can expect energetic cheers and a passionate crowd.


Q: What makes Bucharest Nightlife so special?

A: Bucharest Nightlife is special because it’s a city of contrasts. It’s a city that seamlessly blends the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, and the local with the international. It’s a city that never sleeps, and it’s always ready to party.

Q: What are the 10 best nightclubs in Bucharest?

A: Bucharest has some amazing nightclubs, but the 10 best ones are El Dictador Bucharest,
The Vintage Pub, OXYA Club , KAYO Club , Face Club , True Club ,Beluga, Eden Club
Control Club , Kristal Club.

Q: What are the best clubs and bars in Bucharest’s Old Town?

A: The best clubs and bars in Bucharest’s Old Town are Bordello, Nomad SkyBar, The Drunken Lords, and Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel.

Q: What is the nightlife like in Bucharest?

A: The nightlife in Bucharest is amazing. It’s a city that never sleeps, and there’s always something to do. From clubs and bars to cultural events and live music, there’s something for everyone.

Q: What practical tips should I know before going out in Bucharest?

A: Before you go out in Bucharest, make sure to dress to impress, bring cash, and don’t be afraid to negotiate cover charges. Also, be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Q: What are some good cocktail bars in Bucharest?

A: Bucharest has some amazing cocktail bars, but the best ones , in our view are:

  1. Fix Me a Drink – This trendy cocktail bar is known for its creative and skillfully crafted cocktails. The bartenders are passionate about mixology, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting.
  2. E3 by Entourage – Situated in a beautiful mansion, E3 offers an elegant setting and a wide selection of cocktails made from high-quality ingredients. The bar has a luxurious ambiance, making it perfect for a special night out.
  3. Shoteria – As the name suggests, this bar specializes in shots and cocktails. It has a lively atmosphere, great music, and a wide array of shots and mixed drinks to choose from.
  4. Interbelic – Located in the heart of the city, Interbelic is a stylish bar with an Art Deco vibe. The bartenders are skilled at preparing classic and innovative cocktails, and the place often hosts themed parties and events.
  5. Joben Bistro – Known for its steampunk-inspired decor, Joben Bistro serves creative cocktails in a unique setting. The menu features a mix of classic and inventive concoctions.

Q: What are some of the most popular clubs and bars in the city center?

A: The most popular clubs and bars in the city center of Bucharest are Control Club, Famous Club, and Bazaar Club.

Q: What is the nightlife like on a Friday and Saturday?

A: The nightlife in Bucharest on a Friday and Saturday can be quite crowded, especially during the holiday season and peak times. The city’s appeal comes from the fact that it caters to various tastes and accommodates anyone looking for something different and memorable Friday night and Saturday nights.

Q: What are some cultural events I should check out while in Bucharest?

A: While in Bucharest, make sure to check out the Romanian Atheneum, the George Enescu Festival, and the Bucharest International Jazz Competition.

Q: What is the music scene like in Bucharest?

A: The music scene in Bucharest is amazing. From the best DJs to live music, you can find it all in Bucharest. Plus, the prices are reasonable, so you can enjoy great music without breaking the bank.

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