Camping in Bucharest- options, campsites, contacts

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Camping Options, in Bucharest

Here is the short list of camping options in and near Bucharest:

  • “Casa Alba” official camping site.
  • Wild camping/dispersed camping/ dry camping or boon docking/ Off site camping 
  • “Camping” in big truck parking lots (marked as ” parcare TIR”)
  • “Camping” for free in Supermarket parking lots
  • Hotel parking/payed parking lots.

       At the current time we are writing, Casa Alba Camping is the only official camping site in Bucharest (or near it). We did include information about several other places to camp in or around the city, though one is an camping fit only for backpackers and one is an off site fit for motor-homes. Rubbish in the off site areas can be a problem due to lack of infrastructure,  but don’t let this put you off . Ground clearance on access roads can also be an issue so it is worth carefully considering your entry and exit strategy if you intend to venture off the paved road.  

      Therefore, the next options in our list aren’t really camping. It is  sleeping in your vehicle overnight. 

      Wild camping is an excellent way to enjoy the Romanian countryside. However, we only recommend you do it if you are guided by a local friend , or  a trusted fellow camper.  Not only for security reasons , but also because the language barrier becomes a big problem in rural Romania. 

      The 3rd  option is obviously only good for Vans, trailers and RVs. In “TIR parking” places or truck parking places you will usually have to pay a very small fee (usually around 3 to 5 euro/night). Some of these places (the more expensive ones, will have 24h video surveillance, WiFi, and facilities with showers, and also possibly a place where they serve tea, coffee and grills.  In Bucharest , a possible option is this one!

       Being allowed to stay in some supermarket parking lots is more of a courtesy/privilege than a right.

        This is free, but you will lack amenities, and generally have to keep a low profile and be courteous. Everything must be done within your vehicle. In Bucharest, almost all of the Kaufland supermarket chain has a cooking/serving food stand that usually serves grilled steak, Romanian „mititei”, rotisserie chicken and french fries. (If you are a meat lover, learn more about some of the Romanian foods here).  

       For the other  places, please contact the campgrounds individually for any and all questions you may have and to get the most updated information possible.

      If you plan to visit bucharest with an RV, this guide is very usefull:

 A list (and map)  of the camping sites in Romania can be found at this web address: Romania Camping .

To get in contact with RV enthusiasts from Romania , you can visit this website:

Camping in Bucharest: Casa Alba Camping, Baneasa


Casa Alba Camping is situated at the edge of Baneasa Woods, away from the noise of the city (12 km), but in the close vicinity of the Baneasa Zoo, Baneasa Shopping center, and not too far from the main airport. A bus stop is right outside.

The  camping itself is an ordinary one, with standard amenities, but if you decide to take your motorhome, van etc and come see Bucharest, this might be the best option you have for camping in Bucharest .

The facilities at the camping site consist of : wood bungalows, camping places for caravans and motor-homes and several places for tents and of course two old but clean sanitary blocks that include showers, WCs and washbasins. Some electric hobs for cooking are available. For the motor-homes, manhole is available for emptying chemical toilets.

The camping itself is built around the Casa Alba restaurant , a place where tourist can dine and try the local cuisine and wines. There is also a Snack bar for fast food and drinks.

There are also some good park areas nearby for walking, jogging in the morning.


Address: Aleea Privighetorilor, București, Romania

Telephone: 0040744602601 or 004021361733

Latitude: 44.516721 | Longitude: 26.090485


From the DN1 Ploiesti-Bucuresti road turn east at the traffic lights just north of the airport. Go past the police academy and turn left just where tree canopy gets very dense. Site is on the right side of the road at about 50 m down the alley.

Camping near Bucharest: Snagov Lake –  Marina Port

       Marina port is a camping site at approximately 40 km away from Bucharest, located in the forrest of Snagov, and near the Snagov lake. 

The camping is ok for both caravans and tents, with necessary facilities such as water, electricity, toilets and  showers provided.  You have the option to camp in the shade -in the woods, or in the open and sunny waterfront.

Latitude: 44.7072334 | Longitude: 26.1571968

Telephone number : 0040 0745 765


Camping in Bucharest: Cernica Camping

       Cernica Camping is also a camping built around a restaurant (Cernica restyaurant), and it is  situated near the Colentina lake and Cernica Woods, in the close vicinity of the Cernica Adventure Park.   The campsite has 8 wooden Bungalows. There is a paintball field and also some other restaurants in the area. 

         Cernica camping’s Website is only in Romanian , and it advertises a capacity of around 50 persons.  Unfortunately there aren’t any facilities for motorhomes or RVs. 


Camping in Bucharest: Cernica, Off site

Off site Camping refers to an area where RV enthusiasts sometime gather, for barbecue and or overnight stays.  A concrete plateau is used for RVs and motorhomes. In the summer time there are 2 plastic toillets on the site. 

While free camping is perfectly legal and a practice embraced by Romanians you are unlikely to be in the company of other motorhomes while doing so.

Adress: Cernica

Latitude: 44.4359 | Longitude: 26.2452

N 44°26’9.24” E 26°14’42.72”


At the current time, these are the only options we know of  for camping in Bucharest– or near it.  We will update this article if new options are revealed. We hope you will enjoy your time here, exploring  and discovering bucharest !  If you need inspiration on what to do or what to see in Bucharest, feel free to browse our website!

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