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This year’ festive Christmas lights in Bucharest are wonderfully captured in the time-lapse  movie with the same name, made by Mihai Doarna from

As usual over 3 million led lights were  installed in the central areas, on the greatest boulevards, and were lit up, on December 1st.


For 2016-2017, Luxten Lighting Company SA improved its concept of exploiting the spaces and locations of Bucharest, creating a relaxed and simple atmosphere which alternates the warm white with cold white, while color is present only in a few zone. Per their own statement they wanted to convert our urban public space into a sharing spot of joy and common values for all  the inhabitants of Bucharest and tourists alike.

December 1st  was also the date that  opened the winter season with Bucharest Christmas Market, a winter  fair that gathers tens of thousands of people each year. Already a tradition of our city, Bucharest Christmas Market opens the official Winter Festivities. This year Bucharest Christmas Market was  organised at Constitution Square, hosting a series of attractions celebrating the authentic spirit of a Romanian Christmas: artistic shows, Santa’s Cottage, a skating rink, a carousel, fairy characters, traditional food and Christmas gifts. (Shots from the Bucharest Christmas Market are also featured in the  Christmas Lights in Bucharest movie, towards the end).

Bucharest Christmas Market is annually organised by the Municipality of Bucharest, being part of the international network of the most renowned events in Europe – „Christmas Markets”. This is the place where festive lights are switched on each year along 23 km across the city. A fairy scenery completed by a dedicated Christmas tree, 25 m tall decorated with thousands of light bulbs.

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