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In 2017 a competition for a new Bucharest logo was announced by Bucharest City hall. The rules stated that the logo had to: ” represent a group of graphical signs consisting of a set of characters with the descriptive role that reflected the history/culture/city life of Bucharest”.

Bucharest logo controversy

The competition for the new logo of the Romanian capital has come to an end on the 3rd of May. However, it was not without a little bit of drama.   After announcing an initial winner, it was brought to the public attention that the selected Bucharest logo had striking similarities with that of New Taipei. Therefore, it was disqualified a day later.

“We regret the situation, and in the very likely scenario that we are not talking about a plagiarism, Bucharest can’t have a logo that looks like the one of another city. At the end of the competition, we will publish all the works that were validated by the technical department,” said the City Hall.

The new Bucharest logo

The newly announced winner –  which is yet to be finally validated (on 12th of May), is Alexandru Mihai Nenciu. This is the logo he proposed:

Bucharest logo proposal

His work includes elements from four iconic landmarks of Bucharest – The Triumph Arch, CEC Palace, The Romanian Atheneum and the National Arena Stadium.

“The logo I created, is trying to tell a story. It is retracing some steps through the city’s history , as it represents simplified elements of four iconic buildings of Bucharest.  The Bucharest logo is a vector meant to relay elements from the collective identity” – Alexandru Mihai Nenciu

the new Bucharest logo

According to the competition rules, after the final validation, the winner will be awarded the sum of RON 50,000. That is a bit over 11,000 Euro or USD.

We find the new logo a bit too simple, monochrome and too traditional. But then again, we are not part of the jury :). What do you think of the new logo for the capital city of Romania? Let us know in the comment section below!

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