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Essential Romanian words and phrases

These could be the first words you need to know if you visit Romania or if you want to learn to speak Romanian: 

Romanian ExpressionPhonetic TranscriptionEnglish Translation
Buna dimineataboo-nah dee-mee-neh-ah-tahGood morning
La revederelah reh-veh-deh-rehGoodbye
Te iubescteh yoo-beskI love you
Multumescmool-too-meskThank you
Cu placerekoo plah-cheh-rehYou’re welcome
Va rogvah rohgPlease
Imi pare rauee-mee pah-reh rowI’m sorry
Cat costa?kaht koh-stahHow much does it cost?
Unde este toaleta?oon-deh yes-teh twah-leh-tahWhere is the restroom?
Pot sa platesc cu cardul?poht sah plah-tesk koo kahr-doolCan I pay with a card?
Cum te numesti?koom teh noo-meshtWhat is your name?
Ma bucur sa te cunoscmah boo-koor sah teh koo-noskNice to meet you
Vreau o cafeavrah-oo oh kah-feh-ahI want a coffee
Mi-e foamemee-eh fo-ah-mehI’m hungry
Unde este gara?oon-deh yes-teh gah-rahWhere is the train station?
Ma poti ajuta?mah poht-ee ah-yoo-tahCan you help me?
Sunt pierdutsoont pee-er-doottI’m lost
Ce faci?cheh fahchHow are you?
Mersi, binemehr-see, bee-nehFine, thank you
Nu intelegnoo een-teh-legI don’t understand
Pot sa te intreb ceva?poht sah teh een-treb cheh-ahCan I ask you something?
Unde pot gasi un restaurant?oon-deh poht gah-see oon reh-stoh-rahntWhere can I find a restaurant?
La multi ani!lah mool-tee ah-neeHappy birthday!
Ce mai faci?cheh my fahchHow are you doing?
Ce vrei sa facem azi?cheh vray sah fah-chem ah-zeeWhat do you want to do today?
Ai dreptateeye drehp-tah-tehYou’re right
Nu stiunoo stee-ooI don’t know
Sper ca ne vom revedeaspehr kah neh vohm reh-veh-deh-ahI hope we’ll meet again
Iti multumesc din sufletee-tee mool-too-mesk deen soo-fletThank you from the bottom of my heart
Ma simt minunatmah seemt mee-noo-nahtI feel wonderful
Esti minunates-tee mee-noo-nahtYou’re wonderful
Cine este acolo?chee-neh yes-teh ah-koh-rohWho is there?
Nu am timp acumnoo ahm timp ah-koomI don’t have time now
Mergem la plajamehr-gem lah plah-jahLet’s go to the beach
Vreau sa vizitez muzeulvrah-oo sah vee-zee-tez moo-zeh-oolI want to visit the museum
Imi place foarte multee-mee plah-cheh fo-ahr-teh mooltI like it very much
A fost o experienta minunataah fost oh ex-peh-ree-en-tah mee-noo-nah-tahIt was a wonderful experience
Sunt obositsoont oh-boh-seetI’m tired
Imi place mancarea aiciee-mee plah-cheh mahn-kah-reh ah-eechI like the food here
Esti incredibiles-tee een-kre-dee-beelYou’re incredible
Ma simt norocosmah seemt noh-roh-kosI feel lucky
Esti frumos/frumoasaes-tee froo-mos/froo-mwah-sahYou’re handsome/beautiful
Ce frumos!cheh froo-mosHow beautiful!
Sunt bucuros/bucuroasasoont boo-koo-ros/boo-koo-ro-ah-sahI’m happy
Unde este bancomatul?oon-deh yes-teh bahn-koh-mah-toolWhere is the ATM?
Pot sa ma alatur voua?poht sah mah ah-lah-toor voy-ahCan I join you?
Aceasta este delicioasaah-ches-tah yes-teh deh-lee-choh-ah-sahThis is delicious
Am nevoie de ajutoram ney-oy-deh deh ah-yoo-torI need help
Esti minunat de intelegatores-tee mee-noo-naht deh een-teh-leh-gah-torYou’re wonderfully understanding
Imi place sa calatorescee-mee plah-cheh sah kah-lah-toh-reskI enjoy traveling
Unde pot gasi un hotel?oon-deh poht gah-see oon ho-telWhere can I find a hotel?

I hope you find this list helpful!

Understanding the Linguistic Roots

To further enhance your understanding of Romanian culture, it’s valuable to know that the language itself has deep historical roots. Romanian is a Romance language, which means it evolved from Latin, just like Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. However, it has also been influenced by other languages over the centuries, including Slavic, Turkish, Hungarian, and Greek. This linguistic fusion is a reflection of Romania’s diverse history and its position at the crossroads of Eastern and Central Europe. Understanding these linguistic influences can provide even more context when using these common phrases in everyday conversations.

Beyond Language: Romanian Culture and Cuisine

While the phrases listed are certainly essential for basic communication in Romania, it’s worth noting that the country has a rich cultural heritage that extends beyond language. Romanian cuisine, for example, is a delightful blend of flavors, drawing inspiration from both Eastern and Western European culinary traditions. So, when you’re not practicing these phrases with locals, be sure to explore the local dishes like mămăligă (cornmeal porridge), mici (grilled sausages), and sarmale (cabbage rolls). Sharing a meal with Romanians is a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level and experience their culture through food.

Taking Your Learning Further

If you’re planning an extended stay in Romania or considering learning the language more seriously, you might want to explore formal language courses or engage with language exchange partners. Learning Romanian can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and it can open doors to not only understanding the culture but also connecting with locals on a profound level. Many universities and language schools in Romania offer courses tailored to various levels of proficiency, making it accessible to learners of all backgrounds.

Exploring Romania’s Diverse Landscapes

As you venture into Romania, you’ll discover that the country is not only known for its language but also for its stunning natural landscapes. From the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea coast, Romania boasts diverse and breathtaking scenery. Learning these phrases can be particularly helpful when seeking directions or recommendations from locals while exploring the country’s beautiful outdoors. Whether you’re hiking in the Făgăraș Mountains or relaxing on the beaches of Mamaia, having a basic understanding of Romanian will enhance your travel experience.

Lastly, it’s important to embrace the spirit of adventure and curiosity as you travel through Romania. While these phrases provide a solid foundation, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and engage with locals authentically. Romanians are generally welcoming and appreciative of efforts to speak their language. So, seize the opportunity to connect, share stories, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Romania is a land of both old-world charm and modern dynamism, and by immersing yourself in its language and culture, you’ll find yourself on a truly enriching journey of discovery.

Conclusion: Unlocking Romania through Language

In conclusion, as we’ve explored the rich tapestry of common expressions in Romanian, we’ve embarked on a linguistic journey that unveils the beauty and diversity of this captivating language. From warm greetings to heartfelt gratitude, from simple everyday interactions to expressing deeper emotions, these expressions provide a window into the culture and spirit of Romania.

By familiarizing ourselves with these common phrases, we gain more than just the ability to communicate effectively while exploring the charming streets of Bucharest or venturing into the breathtaking landscapes of Romania. We open doors to meaningful connections and cultural understanding, bridging gaps and forging bonds with the people we encounter along our travels.

Whether it’s exchanging pleasantries with locals, navigating through bustling markets, or immersing ourselves in the vibrant nightlife of Bucharest, knowing these expressions adds a layer of authenticity and appreciation to our experiences. It allows us to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Romanian culture, forging connections that go beyond the surface and leaving lasting impressions.

So, as you embark on your Romanian adventures, armed with this collection of common expressions, allow yourself to embrace the language, the people, and the unique experiences that await you. Open your heart to the warmth and hospitality of the Romanian people, and let these phrases become your gateway to unforgettable memories and cherished moments.

Remember, language is more than just a means of communication; it is a key that unlocks doors to new worlds, fostering connections and building bridges of understanding. So go forth, explore, and let the magic of Romanian expressions guide you on an incredible journey of discovery in the beautiful land of Romania.

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