The Museum of the National Bank of Romania

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A visit to the Museum of the National Bank of Romania is a unique and captivating journey through spaces filled with monetary, banking and cultural history. The National Bank of Romania (Romanian: Banca Națională a României, BNR) is the central bank of Romania and was established in April 1880. Its headquarters are located in the capital city of Bucharest. A visit to the Museum of the National Bank of Romania will give you the opportunity to enter a treasury of knowledge…

Inside the Museum of the National Bank of Romania

By visiting the Museum of the National Bank of Romania in the most beautiful building in Bucharest, as architect Ion Mincu used to say, you will discover:

  • one of the most valuable numismatic collections in Romania, spanning two and a half millennia;
  • the oldest coin minted on the territory of present-day Romania;
  • the smallest paper money printed in Romania;
  • a magnificent display of gold coins and medals;
  • the history of the national currency from its beginnings to present times;
  • interesting stories about two amazing buildings part of the national heritage;
  • lesser known facts about the people that had run the National Bank;
  • meaningful moments that had linked the activities of the National Bank to the history of Romania;
  • unusual information about the characteristics and uses of gold.



The Museum of the National Bank of Romania will be closed between 15 December 2016 and 6 January 2017. We will be expecting visitors starting with 9 January 2017.

Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 18.00, by confirmed registration.
Tours start daily at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00.


At, stating:

  1. preferred date and time for your visit;
  2. your name and ID number;
  3. a phone number.

Registration takes two working days to process.


Free guided tours for all visitors.
Entrance is in 8 Doamnei Street, based on presenting the ID used for registration.
Visitors are asked to arrive 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to follow our central bank security clearance procedures.

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