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November brings a series of exciting events to Bucharest, promising to cater to diverse tastes and interests. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a foodie, or simply looking to enjoy some music, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Our top choice for November:

FoodService & Hospitality Expo 2023

  • Date: November 4
  • Venue: TBA

Foodies and hospitality enthusiasts can indulge their senses at the FoodService & Hospitality Expo, featuring the latest culinary trends and innovations.

Bucharest Feis & Grade Exams 2023

  • Date: November 4
  • Venue: Bucharest, Romania

Dancers and enthusiasts can witness traditional Irish dance at its best during this event, taking place in the heart of Bucharest.


  • Date: November 4
  • Venue: Sala Rapsodia

Dance aficionados will gather for the 13th edition of the Bucharest Dance Awards, celebrating the art of movement.

Sarmalele Reci Anul 30

  • Date: November 4
  • Venue: Quantic

Music lovers are in for a treat with Sarmalele Reci’s unique sound and lyrics, promising a memorable night at Quantic.


  • Date: November 4
  • Venue: Ramada Bucharest Convention Center

This event is a must for those interested in the world of permanent makeup, featuring the latest techniques and innovations.

Rock the Opera II – Bucharest

  • Date: November 3
  • Venue: Sala Palatului

Prepare for a captivating fusion of opera and rock, promising an unforgettable musical experience right in the heart of Bucharest.

HoRes Conference 2023 – Turism

  • Date: November 3
  • Venue: 164A Barbu Vacarescu Blvd, Bucharest, Romania

Hospitality professionals won’t want to miss the HoRes Conference, where the latest trends and innovations in the tourism industry will be discussed.

Stratovarius si Sonata Arctica la Quantic

  • Date: November 7
  • Venue: Quantic

Quantic hosts a spectacular night of metal music with Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica, promising an unforgettable experience for rock fans.

Cupa Royal Dance Editia 8

  • Date: November 11
  • Venue: Palatul Național al Copiilor

Dance enthusiasts will gather for the 8th edition of the Cupa Royal Dance, showcasing incredible talent in the world of dance.


  • Date: November 2
  • Venue: Pentagon Events

Kicking off the month, the “Forumul Construcțiilor” is a must-attend for those in the construction industry, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Simion Bogdan Mihai și Lăutarii de Mătase – Sânge pe Mustață @ Sala Palatului

  • Date: November 15
  • Venue: Sala Palatului

A night of enchanting music awaits as Simion Bogdan Mihai and Lăutarii de Mătase perform live at Sala Palatului.


  • Date: November 15
  • Venue: Online, Free

Tech enthusiasts won’t want to miss this virtual software development conference, where industry experts will discuss the latest trends and innovations.

I Love 90’s Festival – Edition II

  • Date: November 18
  • Venue: ONE CLUB

Nostalgia takes center stage at the I Love 90’s Festival – Edition II, promising a night of dancing and memories.

byron lansare album ‚Efemeride’ @ Arenele Romane

  • Date: November 18
  • Venue: Arenele Romane

Music lovers are invited to Arenele Romane , in the Carol Park , to witness the launch of Byron’s new album, ‘Efemeride,’ in an energetic and emotional concert.

2023 Colentina GastroMarathon

  • Date: November 17
  • Venue: Crowne Plaza Bucharest

Foodies will embark on a culinary journey through Colentina, discovering a wide array of gastronomic delights.


  • Date: November 16-18
  • Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest

Dental professionals can enhance their knowledge and skills at this conference held at Radisson Blu Bucharest.


  • Date: November 23
  • Venue: TERRA Events Hall

Tango enthusiasts will be captivated by impressive performances and dance classes at the PURO TANGO Festival.


  • Date: November 23
  • Venue: Sheraton Bucharest Hotel

Professionals in digital orthodontics can explore the latest technologies and practices at this event.

Deathstars in Quantic

  • Date: November 29
  • Venue: Quantic Pub

Quantic Pub hosts the renowned band Deathstars, promising a night of electrifying music.

India de Diwali, festivalul luminilor!

  • Date: November 29
  • Venue: We Love India

Celebrate the Festival of Lights, Diwali, and immerse yourself in Indian culture at this event.

Ben Carson in Romania

  • Date: November (Date TBA)
  • Venue: Bucharest, Romania

Stay tuned for an exciting event featuring Ben Carson in Romania, where he will share his insights and experiences.

Acreditare HS Leadership Impact – lideri s̗i people manageri

  • Date: November 21
  • Venue: Human Synergistics România – Cultură Organizațională

Leaders and people managers can enhance their leadership skills at the HS Leadership Impact event.

As we bid farewell to the vibrant October events, dive into the anticipation of November’s cultural richness and innovation in Bucharest

No matter what attracts you, November brings exciting and diverse events to Bucharest, providing excellent opportunities to enjoy culture, music, gastronomy, and innovation. Mark your calendars for these fantastic events that will add a touch of magic to your autumn in the vibrant city of Bucharest!

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