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Find out about options for transportation in Bucharest – Public transport, tourist tours, subway and taxis, all in today’s post. (Photos courtesy of Dan Mihai Balanescu )

transportation in Bucharest


There is a big public transport network  in Bucharest that will take you wherever you want around the city.

However,  if you are a  tourist you should keep in mind that the public network of  transportation in Bucharest was designed for  utility and not sightseeing, and at rush hour it can get pretty crowded , no matter the destination or the type of transport.

We advise you  to use Bucharest City Tour – a hop on / hop off tour that helps you explore the main tourist attractions in Bucharest!

Bucharest City Tour –  history, culture and tradition in a single trip. The map for the Bucharest city Tour Open Buses  can be  accessed here.

Public transport in Bucharest includes:

  • Buses operated by R.A.T.B (the public transportation in Bucharest company)
  • Trams operated by R.A.T.B (the public transportation in Bucharest company)
  • Trolleys operated by R.A.T.B (the public transportation in Bucharest company)
  • Subway (called “metrou” in Romanian) operated by Metrorex.

Buses, trams and trolley buses operate – between 5:00am and 11:59pm.

Beyond these operating hours there are  the the so called “Night Lines”. The map for the night lines can be accessed here.

Be advised that succession times of  the Night Line buses are:

  • between 23.00 – 01.00 1 bus each 40 minutes
  • between the hours of 01.00 – 03.00 1 bus each 120 minutes
  • between the hours of 03.00 – 04.30 1 bus each 40 minutes


If you want to get around the city with buses, trams or trolley you should buy an RATB „Active Card” from the ticket kiosk found at most major bus station.

The options are:

  1.  Nominal Activ card:transportation in bucharest
    The first time it is issueed, the Activ nominal card is free of charge, on the basis of the ID.
    When stolen, lost or damaged by owner’s fault, the automatic charging system assures the possibility of recovering the amount from the lost card, corresponding to the remaining credit in the electronic wallet or the remaining unused period in the subscription.
    The new support can be issued for 4,7 lei. (Information about currency and money exchange in Romania can be found here!)

The nominal Activ card is issued only at RATB centers for issuing and reloading cards. One can reload that type of card at any RATB point of sale.
NOTE: The clients receiving their first Activ card with reduced fare, will bring their original documents for scanning.

  1.  Non-nominal Activ card:
    This type of card can be obtained for 3,7 lei at any RATB point of sale.
    Being transferable, this type of card is useful for companies with employees that frequently use public transport. Also, the non-nominal Activ card can be successfully used by members of groups (families) for frequent individual journeys.
    The existing tariff headings on a non-nominal Activ card cannot be recovered.


One day pass – 8 Lei

Week days pass – 17 Lei

Two week pass – 25 Lei

If you are not sure what pass to buy you can simply charge the card with money (minimum 15 Lei) and pay 1,3 Lei for  any urban trip or 3,5 Lei for Express trip.

Travelers without a validated ticket must pay a 50 Lei ($15.00) penalty (Suprataxa). Tickets are interchangeable for the bus, tram and trolley bus, with the exception of express buses.


Subway is a fast way to travel around the city , there are 51 stations on 4 subway lines. Average time to wait for a train is 4 min.

The metro lines of Bucharest Are:subway ticket - Romania

M1     Dristor – Pantelimon
M2     Berceni – Pipera
M3     Preciziei – Anghel Saligny
M4     Gara de Nord – Parc Bazilescu
M5     Currently under construction Drumul Taberei – Pantelimon
M6     Currently under construction Gara de Nord – Buchurest International Airport

The map of these lines can be accesed here.

Open hours : 5:00am to 11:00pm

Tickets for the metro can be purchased at all metro stations.


  •  2 trip pass -5 Lei
  • 10 trip pass -10 Lei
  • One Week pass – 25 Lei


There are many taxi companies in Bucharest with prices  ranging from 1.39 Lei/km to 3.50 Lei/km .  We recommend to look carefully on the price mentioned on the taxi in order to avoid unwanted situations. We advise you to take only taxis called by order or through a taxi app – that is the safest way.

TIPS:  Taxis display their rates per kilometer on the side of the car, however there may still be some haggling required. Always make sure that the taximeter is turned on and if in any doubt just get out and find another taxi. Usually a tip of 10% or more  is expected by the driver. If you are asked to pay more than you think  the tri is worth than you should ask the driver for the receipt. At nighttime, if you don’t order by phone or app,  ask the price prior to your trip.

If you have a problem with a taxi driver take the license number or the car’s plate number and call at one of this numbers:

021 201 3242 (Transportation Bureau of the Police Department) and/or  021 9844 (Bucharest City Hall – Complaints) 021 9551 (Consumer Protection Authority)

UBER – Alternative transportation in Bucharest

As an other option to standard taxi, Uber is now present in Bucharest.  If  you have a Uber account and the application on your telephone you can utilize it while in the city. Fares are usually  similar to taxi fare, but the cars and drivers are nicer.  If you are new to Uber , sign up  using the invite code  “claudiub34ue” and you will get your first ride for free!

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