Walking in Bucharest

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A free, healthy and environmental – friendly way to get around Bucharest, walking is a good option if you want to beat the traffic, enjoy the view and feel the city’s pulse!

Bucharest is very much alive, thriving, and if you are an adventurer, it is filled with surprises.

Walking in Bucharest is an activity that also provides access to some otherwise unreachable areas like the “Văcărești Delta”, the Bellu cemetery or the narrow streets from the Old Town. Plus, getting around on foot in Bucharest can actually save you some time, as several landmark locations are close to each other.

In addition to getting around, walking can be an excellent way to see the sights, either independently or as part of an organized tour. If you are here only for a couple of days , than taking a free tour will help you to get your bearings in the city’s center  and understand a bit about the city’s history.  Some of the free tours you can find here can be as short as  2 hour tours that can present  you lots of interesting facts about Bucharest and the old town buildings. You will be taken  around places like :

  • Stavropoleos Monastery
  • Manuc’s Inn
  • Palace of Parliament
  • The Revolution’s  Square
  • The Victory’s Path (boulevard)

Of course, finding your way in Bucharest is easier with a pocket map book, you can buy from any decent bookshop or Tourist Information Center. One of these will make Bucharest’s intricate road arrangement much more navigable.

Mobile applications, for example, Google Maps are useful tools for finding your way around Bucharest, but remember to watch out for where you’re going

using google maps app when walking in Bucharest can be a good idea!

and keep an eye out for traffic and other footpath users!

It’s generally a good idea to know where you’re heading and to take precautions as you would in any major city.

Also, bear in mind that the city’s center is a place where only 8% of the city’s population  lives, and you are more likely to discover ​less touristy things to do and more authentic people, somewhere outside this area.

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