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Springtime is the perfect time of year to visit Bucharest. In April and May, the city is full of beautiful natural spaces and the streets come alive with local shops and restaurants. Below you will find some fun things to do in Bucharest in the spring, especially when the weather outside starts to warm up.


What to Do (Outside) in Bucharest In the Spring


  • Go to the parks: A great place to spend time in the spring is in one of the city’s many parks. These natural areas often feature lakes and ample walking trails. One park that many locals frequent in the spring is Carol Park and from there they might head on foot towards  Tineretului Park.  In the eastern part, there is Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park (also known as Titan Park).  In the northern part of the capital, Herastrau park is the is the most popular resort area of Bucharest. With various leisure, sport, and cultural activities, you can easily spend a full day just in this green oasis of tranquility. Most Bucharest parks feature lots of open spaces and plenty of wildlife, and besides walking on the alleyways and appreciating floral and herbal arrangements, you can also rent a boat or a bike during the season…


  • Take a walking tour: A wonderful way for you to spend a nice spring day is on a walking tour.  In addition to being a great way to exercise and get around Bucharest at the same time, walking can be an excellent way to see the sights.  Local tour guides who are highly knowledgeable will show you some of the local spot as well as some touristy areas.


  • Go cycling: Top 3 on our list of things to do in Bucharest in the spring time is another great way to see the city – on the back of a bike. The city is becoming more and more bike-friendly and for a small fee (under or around 1 USD/euro for an hour or 5 USD /full day), you can rent one in several places – most of which are near parks. If you don’t feel comfortable cycling alone, there are many tour groups that offer biking trips both in and out of the city.


  • Spend the day on the lake: Be it in a row boat, a canoe or a hydro-bike – you can have fun, exercise and enjoy most of things to do in Bucharest in the springthe lakes in Bucharest.
    Boat rides are a popular way for everyone to enjoy a sunny spring day, and we recommend it a fun thing to do in Bucharest in the spring.  As I already mentioned,  most Bucharest parks have lakes and are a perfect place to get away from it all. While most of the lakes are man made lakes,  they are still one of the most beautiful natural areas in the region.


  • Visit The Village Museum: An open air authentic Romanian village in the middle of Bucharest with a few hundred traditional houses and farms,  showcasing life throughout different regions in Romania from the 17th century, all the way up to the 20th century.

You might wonder why we haven’t included March in the introduction of this article…

Well…If you are coming to Bucharest in March then plan for it to be a little chilly and rainy, and sometimes even snowy… March is a month when many of us in Bucharest are beginning to shed our winter layers, at least for a few days, but is not yet Spring and we are all still dreaming of sunny days to come. Every other year or so March in Bucharest is still mostly a winter month. This article includes more appropriate things to do in Bucharest if it is too cold (if you don’t mind the Christmas mentions).

I hope you found some inspiration in our top 5 fun things to do in Bucharest in the spring post, but if you need further options why not have a look at this article, with Bucharest sights!

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